What To Consider When Purchasing A Boat

Written By:  DandRBoats May 16, 2018 at 4:09 pm

What to consider when purchasing a boat

When many people envision a summer in Michigan, spending time on a boat most likely comes to mind. From tournament fishing in a bass boat to relaxing with friends on a pontoon, the options seem to be endless. Choosing a boat isn’t a decision that should be made with little thought ahead of time; it’s important to consider what the options are and to do some research before deciding on a boat.

Bass Boat

Everything is set up to be ideal for bass fishing, hence being referred to as a bass boat. These boats have great performance, and can get to shallow areas more easily due to not sitting very low in the water. Bass boats have spacious casting decks, making it easy to move around easily while fishing. Rod lockers, live wells, coolers, and ample storage for fishing gear are just some of the features that make bass boats perfect for doing tons of fishing. To see available bass boats, click here.

Aluminum Fishing Boat

Today’s aluminum boats are lightweight yet built strong enough to use on big lakes and rivers. There are a lot of choices and ways to customize these boats. They can have rod lockers, live wells and lots of storage just like a bass boat.  Generally, aluminum boats are more affordable than many bass boats, but offer many of the same or similar options for fishing. Aluminum boats are a great option for those who plan on spending a decent amount of time on the water but have a budget to stick to. To see available aluminum fishing boats, click here.

Pontoon Boat

Although years ago they were mainly used for relaxation and cruising around on small inland lakes, pontoons have had some major upgrades in the last decade or more that make them a great fit for a lot of people. Newer pontoons are made to be more versatile for a variety of activities, and some of them are less expensive than many other boats. Pontoons can be used for water sports such as skiing or wakeboarding, fishing, and are great for swimming and spending afternoons on the lake. There are even luxury pontoons that have tons of options for customization. To see available pontoon boats, click here.


Kayaks are a great alternative to a standard boat since they are generally easier to transport, and much less expensive to purchase and run. They are the easiest for one person to transport and launch, but are also a lot of fun to use with a group of people. There are a wide variety of kayaks available; some are more simple and best for recreation and others are built specifically for fishing.

The main thing to consider before purchasing a boat is what it will mainly be used for. If there are no plans of fishing every weekend, a bass boat may not be the best option. Pontoons and kayaks are both great for recreation, but some people may feel less comfortable in a kayak. Buying a boat is a major purchase. Take time to think about what the best option is based on how it will be used, and don’t focus too much on how it looks. To see all of the boats that are available, click here.